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Soaring prevalence

Currently 5.5 million people are affected in the U.S.

 ~16 million increase by 2050 

Extremely high cost of care

Alzheimer's and related dementias have a $259 billion national cost. 

~$1.1 trillion increase by 2050

Ineffective treatment

Research has shown that photos, videos, and music triggers can assist in recalling past memories. 

Yet no platform exists to comprehensively store and integrate these memory triggers. 



MyMemoryHome offers patients and families the opportunity to create their own space to store cherished moments via photos, videos, and music. 


On-demand virtual reality customization by the user's 2D photo and video uploads


The virtual reality synchronizes and contextualizes the uploaded memory elements, triggering a patient's memory of the past


Teryn Mitchell

Alzheimer's researcher at MGH/Harvard Medical School

Camelia Zheng

Alzheimer's researcher at MGH/Harvard Medical School 

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